We invite all persons with an interest in STIs to register for this World Congress. This can include researchers, clinicians, healthcare workers, social scientists, policy analysts, social activists, as well as indigenous and community leaders. We also welcome early and mid-career researchers, students and postgraduates, as well as other personnel to join our Congress.

This Congress will enable networking and communication opportunities, while supporting diversity. We also encourage persons from low and lower-middle income countries to explore opportunities to have their attendance supported through scholarships.

Register your interest to get the most up to date information – including access sponsorship, opening, general fees, Early Bird, IUSTI membership and other discounts.

IUSTI Memberships are open to all individuals who have an interest in the control of sexually transmitted infections. It is emphasized that a medical qualification is not required. Memberships are also available to establishments such as national organizations for the study of sexually transmitted infections, as well as sponsors. 

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